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Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:United States of America
I'm a pretty eccentric young adult, who is a transgender man and an effeminate gay man. I'm a feminist, and well aware of my white and middle class privilege though I'm always apologizing and learning from my mistakes. I'm twice disabled with a hearing loss (completely deaf without my cochlear implants), and my SEID (systemic exertional intolerance disease) slow-progressive chronic illness. I'm neurologically atypical with a tentative diagnosis of schizotypal, with experience in the "healthy multiplicity" as its called. I love to do research for my novels, and I tend to focus on anything and everything social justice, culture, history and psychology, with biology, genetics, environmental workings, geology and geography coming in to help. I love to world build and wish to live in a world with a lot of magic, and away from many of the corruption and disasters here in this one. However I know that I live here right now, so I gotta deal with it as best as I can.

I've been into the metaphysics, spiritual subjects, New Age, and the like since I first became a teenager. Thanks also to my engineer parents, and my growing up on the science channels on TV along with visiting the Science Museum many times as a child, I'm very into the subjects that deal with this world and why it is the way it is. Why people, animals, nature and the like all function and interact the way they do. How history has evolved and chanced over the millennia and how that impacts us today. I like to show that it's not a question of "magic vs. science" but rather blending the two together, and that's how I approach things in my written novels too. I really love "what if" daydreaming and brainstorming, as well as world building and figuring out the psychology behind people's actions and words.

I'm happily with a partner of three years, so far, and he's an awesome bisexual cisman who is a mix of different Native American tribes and Japanese. He very much loves all weapons that are not related to guns, bombs, tanks or the like. Anything that's before those "modern weapons." He's incredibly funny, loving, and accepting of me, my dysphoria, my body, and my life and does what he can to help me even if some friends (and his twin) have fallen by the wayside [temporarily or for good] due to difficulties over my chronic illness.

I love dragons, flying, wings, and the like. I've been skydiving three times so far, and been in a vertical wind tunnel as many times too. I've travelled across the country in a mega road trip once, and have visited outside the country to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls twice, as well as Dublin, Ireland once. I've done practice with the long sword, an introductory class of fencing, as well as one class of self-defense. I would've done more if it hadn't been for my illness getting worse and leaving me in the lurch. Now I focus on writing and art, and have the life goals of becoming a published author and professional artist one day. I'm almost done with a novel manuscript, and halfway through a second, with plenty more ideas waiting in the wings. My target genre is Fantasy since I've read in that from a very young age, and love creating worlds that have magic within them.

It is my goal to have as much diversity as possible in my novels, so as to eventually have different kind of kids and adults being able to read them and see someone that resembles them in the pages of at least one book. Likewise, I'm doing what I can to combat the whitewashing of the book covers, and backed a kickstarter photo site for cover diversity. My dream is to be signed with a traditional publisher, but if they reject my diverse books too many times, then I'll simply self-publish and put diverse covers on them myself so that every kid can look at the book shelves and see at least SOMEONE who looks like them.

Everything that I learn today, in terms of broadening my world, challenging my beliefs, and understanding what's really going on behind all the layers of implications and disguises, helps me to become a better writer, a better citizen, and a better person in general. Likewise I hope what I can share, will help others to do the same thing. We are all working together, learning together, living and loving together after all! <3 Love and light!

Interests (26):

art, avatar: the last airbender, cats, daydreaming, dragons, drawing, flying, inside out, listening to music, mulan, night sky, owls, poetry, pokemon: lucario and the mystery of mew, pop and rock and some country songs, ravens, reading fantasy books, rise of the guardians, spirit: stallion of the cimarron, stars, the colors dark blue and gold, tigers, wings, working on my novels, world building, writing
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